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September 2015

Are you “well aware”?

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Your water well taps into one of nature’s treasures – cool, clean groundwater. It accounts for about 30.9% of the Earth’s freshwater supply, which is only 2.5%. Thus, you can see the importance in trying to protect such a valuable resource.¬†You and your family also depend on groundwater for cooking, washing and a continuous supply of safe drinking water.

Did you know…as a private well owner it is your responsibility to be well aware? How do you become well aware? Simply by understanding the basics of well operation and maintenance, and to take the necessary actions to keep your water well in good running order to provide potable water to your family.

If you have contaminated water, start by finding the source of the problem or cause of contamination. Reducing or eliminating contaminants at the source is the best place to start.

Next, take a closer look at your well. You should get your water tested 1-3 times per year for bacterial contaminants such as E.coli and coliform. Visit your local health unit for more information on where to take a water sample. If you well water repeatedly exceeds the drinking water standards for bacteria, there is likely an ongoing source of bacteria affecting your well. Look at the location and construction of your well, is it near a farmer’s field that could become contaminated with manure runoff? Is the well sealed properly? Is the well lid damaged or cracked? Address any problems you identify immediately.

If you can’t detect the cause of the problem, bring in an MOE licensed well contractor like Hunter Plumbing, Heating & Excavating Inc. right away! We can inspect your well, identify possible causes of contamination and provide you with a quote on the work needed to prevent the problem. Whether its the installation of a new well lid, or a well upgrade, we are all about water wells! We can also install water treatment, such as an ultraviolet disinfection system, to continuously treat your well water and provide your family with clean, safe drinking water.