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May 2018

Annual Service Plans

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Did you know Hunter Plumbing, Heating & Excavating Inc. offers annual service plans to inspect & maintain your heating, cooling and water system equipment? Avoid costly repairs and replacements by keeping your current systems in good working condition! Our team of licensed professionals can inspect everything from:

  • Pressure Systems:
    • Inspect for leaks
    • Verify tank pre-charge
    • Check water pump operation and controls
  • Water Treatment:
    • Service Water Softener
      • Set time and setup system
      • Clean injector
      • Check meter operation
    • Service Iron Filter
      • Check peroxide level & pump
    • Service Ultraviolet light
      • Change UV bulb
      • Clean sleeve, as required
      • Check overall operations
    • Service Reverse Osmosis System
      • Change filters, yearly
      • Change membrane & polishing carbon, every 3-5 years
  • Furnaces (Gas, Propane and Electric):
    • Clean and inspect furnace burner, blower and related components
    • Clean all drains and condensate equipment
    • Clean burner and flame rod
    • Test operation and combustion
  • Air Conditioners:
    • Clean A-coil in duct system
    • Check outdoor unit and wash out condenser
  • Fireplaces:
    • Remove the glass and logs
    • Clean the glass, burner and vacuum the blower assembly
    • Re-assemble unit
    • Test operations
  • Water Heaters (Gas, Propane & Electric):
    • Blow out and vacuum burner
    • Inspect vent system
    • Check operations
  • Automatic Generators:
    • Clean cell and filters
    • Check spark plugs, voltage and battery
    • Inspect all connections
  • HRV Units:
    • Change oil
    • Check intake and exhaust hoods
    • Clean system

And all of our service plans come with yearly service notifications, appointment setups and inspection reports! Our plans can be customized to suit your needs and include all of your heating/cooling and water system equipment. So contact us today for a Quote !