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October 2018

Here’s Why You Need a Standby Generator

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Extreme weather is upon us, and can cause extended power outages during the winter months. It’s a good idea to invest in a standby generator to ensure you are prepared during a power outage.

When a power outage occurs, a standby generator turns on automatically and delivers backup power to your home. The generator is fueled by natural gas or propane and is wired into your home’s electrical panel. The generator is installed permanently beside your home and provides uninterrupted backup power for days at a time.  The generator continues to run until the utility power returns.

Without backup power, you could lose the following:

  • Communication: Internet, cell phone chargers, TV
  • Climate Control: Loss of heating and/or air conditioning
  • Property Damage: Loss of sump pump & operation of maintenance tools
  • Personal Hygiene: Unable to bathe or wash clothes
  • Fridge/Freezer: Food spoilage
  • Safety: Loss of indoor or outdoor lighting which can leave property vulnerable for theft
  • Monetary Loss: Hotel expenses, dining out, property damage & unexpected expenses


Fast, automatic delivery of emergency power after power line failure

Maintains the same comfort level, whether you are at home or at work

Provides a permanent solution

*Don’t forget to have your generator serviced annually to ensure everything is working properly for when you really need it. 






Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

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You can expect two parts of the house to exhibit plumbing problems on Thanksgiving Day – the kitchen & the bathroom. Luckily you can avoid plumbing issues by taking a few precautions & using your plumbing wisely.

  1. Dispose of Food Scraps Mindfully: Putting food scraps, such as turkey bones, potato peels or celery in the garbage disposal might seem like a simple clean up – but they can easily become clogged or damage the disposal. 

  2. Run Water After Using the Garbage Disposal: Run your kitchen faucet for a few minutes after you use your garbage disposal, which will help wash everything down smoothly.
  3. Throw Away Grease: When cooking with fat and oil, be sure to keep it out of your drains. Instead throw it away in a sealed container to avoid plumbing disasters.
  4. Use A Sink Strainer: This will prevent any large food scraps from going down the drain the potentially clogging it.
  5. Remind Guests to Be Mindful: If you are expecting a house full of guests, remind them not to flush paper towels, sanitary napkins, flushable wipes, cotton balls or anything else down that can harm your toilet.
  6. Turn Down the Thermostat: Lower the temperature when you start cooking, the oven will heat up the house.

We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes, may you enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving!