Whole Home Generators

Thinking about a whole home generator?

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When the power goes out in your neighbourhood, you usually cannot tell how long you will have to go without it. Sometimes, hydro crews are able to get it up and running in a matter of a few hours, but it is not unusual for neighbourhoods to be without electricity for an entire day and night, or even longer.

We can lose power for a number of different reasons from weather-related events to environmental events such as wildfires and road construction or a blown substation. Whatever the reason, it makes our lives more difficult when we don’t have the power we need to run our household. One of the best ways to prepare for a power outage is to install a whole home generator.

How much could you lose during a power outage? Without a whole home generator in place, you could end up with any of the following issues:

  1. Spoiled Food – If you refrigerator is out for more than a day, you could have to say goodbye to a couple hundred dollars in groceries.
  2. Water Damage – Do you have a sump pump keeping your basement dry? Electrical outages are often associated with storms. If the power goes out, your electrically powered sump pump won’t be able to prevent permanent damage to your property and could result in costly insurance claims.
  3. No Heating or Air Conditioning – This is a particular problem if you live in an area that tends to experience either weather extreme. You and your family cannot go very long without working heat or air.
  4. Hotel Stays – Without heating, air conditioning, and other important electrical equipment like a water pump if you live in the country, you may turn to a hotel so that you can feel comfortable and remain productive. This can get quite costly if you are housing your entire family for more than a couple nights.
  5. Any Life-Saving Equipment May Not Work – Some homeowners have family members who rely on life-saving medical equipment to work all the time. While these devices often have a battery back-up, a whole home generator ensures continued performance for an extended period of time.

So you can see the importance of a whole home generator and how the initial cost could in fact save you money in the future by letting you resume your life without any work on your part.

Having the best equipment is part of being prepared too. Stand alone generators are designed to seamlessly transition you to your back-up power should you lose yours. Here are some reasons you will want to consider the installation of a whole home generator:

  1. Automatic Operation – Each whole home generator is equipped with a sensor that will instantly switch your home’s power to the generator as soon as power is lost, whether or not you are home. The generator will also turn off automatically once power is restored.
  2. No Manual Refueling – Whole home generators are made to work with two fuel types, natural gas or propane, and both are piped directly to the generator from your house supply.
  3. Connected Directly into your Electrical Panel – Whole home generators are wired directly into your home’s electrical panel so there is no need for long extension cords.
  4. Overload Protection – In the rare case that your generator gets overloaded, it is equipped with overload protection which will disconnect the unit from the load.

Being prepared means having the best tools at your disposal for the worst possible circumstances. Losing power isn’t a usual thing, but when it happens, it can disrupt our lives entirely. Hunter Plumbing, Heating & Excavating supplies and installs whole home generators. Contact us today for a quote! We have several options available, including financing.