If you’re a rural resident, chances are your home (or business) has a septic system. It’s one of those things we rarely think about or want to get involved with. Most people just know that whatever goes down the drain ends up underground and mysteriously disappears. Oh yes, sometimes we hire someone to empty it.

But did you know that today’s septic systems are overburdened with increased amounts of antibacterial cleaners, shampoos, detergents, bleaches, paper and who knows what else? All of this can really take its toll on your septic and could leave it in an unrepairable state to the point where it may need to be replaced, which can cost upwards of $10,000 or more. Before that happens, have one of Hunter Plumbing’s licensed technicians inspect it for you.

septic problems

You may have a septic system problem if…

  • you can smell odours around the tank
  • the ground is moist around the tank location
  • drains are slow or even backing up
  • you notice ‘green stripes’ in your lawn where the tile bed is

Don’t wait for septic problems to worsen, call in the experts at Hunter Plumbing & Heating! We offer septic system inspections, repairs, maintenance, design & installations.

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